[Book Review] Summer Reading Part 1- Biographies

This summer, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and read a variety of books ranging from biography to mystery/thriller. Most had been on my TBR list for at least a year, and others were new releases. I read some in a few of days, others in a week or longer, and a couple that I did not finish. Now that summer is coming to an end, I thought it would be fitting for me to revive my blog by reviewing these books. Therefore, this first in series of posts features the following biographies:

Life In Motion by Misty Copeland

Life in MotionMisty’s mantra “This is for the brown girls…”is a resonating theme throughout this book. She takes us on her journey from her humble beginnings to her growing success as a soloist (only the 2nd African American ever) with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). At the time of this book’s publication, Misty hadn’t reached the pinnacle of her career – Principal Dancer. She could have easily left the ABT to dance with other companies, but she stayed true to herself and with her heart, and was eventually rewarded with that coveted position (post-publication of her book). Her story is one of humility, hope, and dogged determination and one that serves as inspiration of all girls, especially the brown girls, who aspire to become ballerinas.

Every Little Step My Story by Bobby Brown with Nick Chiles


Every Little StepWhether you’re a ride-or-die, been-there -since-Year 1 fan of New Edition/Bobby Brown, or just a casual fan, this book will entertain you from beginning to end. Much of Bobby’s personal life has been played out in the tabloids, which was an incredible feat for an artist in the pre-social media days. However, it was primarily portrayed from the media’s point-of-view. Now, in this book, Bobby tells us his story from his beginning with New Edition, his quest for solo-stardom, to his much-derided and gossiped about relationship and marriage with the late-great Whitney Houston. There are a few truly laugh-out-loud moments in this book, most notably, Bobby’s “encounter” with the supernatural as well as some very sad, poignant moments such as the events leading up his daughter, Bobbi Kristina’s death.



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