Excerpt: Trinidad and April’s Amelie by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Author Angelia Vernon Menchan stops at Buy The Cover to drop off an excerpt of her latest serial, Trinidad and April’s Amelie. Please check it out and be sure to visit her blog. Enjoy!

Amelie strolled through the streets of LA with a cup in her hand. She was currently only getting her drink on but the day was young. She needed to find a hotel. She saw a young man posted up against a building dressed in all black and he was hungry looking. Changing her direction, she slowly and sensually walked up to him.
I need a hotel room but what’s a hotel room without a man she thought.
Making eye contact with her, he could see her game all over her and in the white sheer dress; she was what was up in that moment. Without a word, she turned on her heel and pulling his cap down over his eyes, he followed…
“You can leave now!” Amelie slurred after her assignation with the man in black. He was a perfect male specimen but his eyes appeared mean and never quite met hers.

trin apirl ameile
“Sorry Ma, but I am not ready to go. I feel like hanging out here with you a bit.”
Jumping up, she stood looking down at him as if she were going to scare him off. Her five-feet and seven inches frame, weighing in at one-forty seven was a joke to his over six feet, very muscular frame. Grinning at her he stood, allowing her to take in his physical beauty. Moving close to her he looked down into her face.
“That’s what happens when you pick up random men, they may like what you are offering and choose to stay awhile. I don’t want your money and I am not trying to hurt you, that is, any more than you like, but this, I like.” He said with some menace. Spreading his arms, he indicated the hotel they were staying in. She had rented a two bedroom villa at Sunset Marquis which was frequented by rock stars and the like and he wanted to hangout.
“Fine but I am not looking for a boyfriend, so go play or something and come back later.”
“Are you sure I can’t do a little something for you before I go?” He said suggestively.
“No, just go.”



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