As Soon as Possible

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and one of my personal friends and favorite authors wrote a very poignant testimony about autism that is worth sharing.

Palmettoauthor's Blog


So you’re sitting in the psychologists’ office and she tells you that your baby boy has Autism Spectrum Disorder. And you try to negotiate: But he makes eye contactThat’s why it’s a spectrum. There are no determined set of symptoms. But he has great problem-solving abilitiesAutistic children usually do.But… Your voice fades into total silence. Just as she is telling you that he’ll never speak or behave like other three-year-olds, her voice along with your husband’s questions – because your husband has appeared to have kept it together – blend into a large echo and you don’t hear anything except that your child is different. Way different. And will always be. Everything you know has fallen away. You can’t totally get beyond that black hole moment to the next because if you move from that spot, all of the questions that you…

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