Diverse Book Tours Presents: 10 Random Things About the Soul Eaters Series by Alicia McCalla

Alicia McCalla is on a blog tour sponsored by Diverse Book Tours in support of her Soul Eaters Series. On this stop with Buy The Cover, she talks about 10 random things about the series.

10) The Soul Eater is a serial novel which will be delivered in six episodes.  I battled, rather, warred with myself to release it as a three-book series but my muse is relentless and would not be denied. The first two installments or episodes are the Origins of an African Elemental (Boxed Set).

9) George Clinton would be proud of the Afrofuturism, Quantum Physics, and Parallel Universes in this series. The West African goddess, Mawu, finds herself floating within the cosmic veil that connects three parallel universes.

8) West African and Norse Mythology Combine in an American “salad bowl” of diversity.  I’m a school librarian and love researching. Though, I take license with the lore to create my unique worlds, readers will enjoy the various nuances and diversity within the various pantheons represented.

7)  Eshu, the West African trickster, has chosen the side of evil.  He’s powerful and we first meet him when he’s decked out in his red and black ceremonial robes, carrying an ebony cane, and is adorned in gold rings on his fingers and toes.

6) Iniko becomes the Twin Soul Villain: Mawu’s daughter, Iniko, conjoins with the side of evil to save her own child.  Iniko transforms into a hybrid creature that encompasses a twin soul and becomes known as the “Master/Mistress.”

5) Corbin is Shania’s stalker ex: He is a dangerous character and doesn’t understand the nature of his ability to create chaos. Not only is he biracial but he’s also descendant from two tricksters, Eshu and Loki.

4) The Mantras of a Domestic Violence Victim: In order for Shania, the protagonist, to survive and become empowered as a Champion and woman warrior, she must first connect with her inner strength. When she’s about to lose-it, she uses mantras to keep her steady and stable.

3) Paranormal Serial Killer: The Priest is a “Child of Loki” who has taken a blood oath to the twin soul or Master/Mistress villain in the series.  He’s survived over several centuries and is a “Soul Eater” who survives by killing the Priestesses of Mawu in a heinous ritual. When the magical souls try to rise, he absorbs or steals their elemental magic for evil purposes.

2) The Obayifo Witch Spirit and the Obayifo Zombie-like Vampire: This series has unique villains who are possessed by an evil witch spirit. The witch spirit speaks to them inside their minds and convinces them to do evil things. What’s worse is once the witch spirit takes over their minds, they become mindless Zombie Vampire-like creatures who can only die once they’ve been beheaded.

1) An Interracial Romance and a Secret Baby. The love story between Shania and Deacon is tortured.  Romance readers will have to hang-in there with me for the long haul. This couple will experience many hardships and may even have to die, in order to have a “happy” ending but I wouldn’t count on anything… (Bwahaahaa!)

My freebie:  Mothers are Warriors! This series is all about mothers who are warriors and possess extraordinary abilities. Each woman must choose to fight to save their child and this universe from an ancient evil.

OriginsofanAE_boxsetDiverse Book Tours: Featured Book

Origins of an African Elemental (Boxed Set)

Author: Alicia McCallaGenre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Thriller/Multicultural
Book Length: 134 Pages
Publisher: ffpincolor, LLC

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1I34ZTO

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1zSTrTY

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1Bj56a3

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1JyXIxL

Print Editions Available:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1wLwk7z

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/15OdTJ4

This prequel boxed set is the first and second installment in the Soul Eater series. Mawu, Iniko, and Shania grow into their strength as mothers and warriors. These women wield the elements and war swords to save this universe from an ancient evil.


An insidious demonic force infects the West African pantheon and a modest Earth goddess goes on a quest to save her people from destruction. She finds strength in the arms of a Norse god who believes in justice. But when Mawu returns to the African pantheon, she must take an oath that threatens the life of her unborn child.


Iniko, daughter of a West African goddess and a Norse god, struggles with her estranged husband, who abducted their child and is intent on murdering the girl in a blood-soaked ritual to gain power for his ancient demonic master. Iniko travels to a West African castle during the slave trade to battle possessed vampire-like beasts with her sword and dagger to rescue her child. Can she find the strength to kill the man who once held her heart and the key to her magic?

Flee: A Short Story

After the death of her grandmother, Shania Moore, a 27-year old African-American woman, is tormented by her ex-boyfriend and a paranormal serial killer. When Shania falls into a dream realm and connects with an ancient African goddess, her earth magic awakens. Shania realizes that in order to save her daughter’s magical soul, she must run into the arms of the white man whom she lied to about having an abortion and stood up at the altar ten years before.

About the Author

Alicia McCallaIt took thirty years for Alicia to accept her calling as a writer of “unusual stories.” Always writing edgy tales that pushed the envelope.  She learned to hide her violent, controversial, heart-pumping,and tragically romantic stories from family and friends.

It wasn’t until she joined a writing organization that she began to share her stories openly and take the plunge. Alicia writes for both new adults and adults with her brand of multicultural supernatural thrillers, urban fantasy, paranormal, and horror. Her stories always include strong women heroines who fight back, sometimes to the death.

Alicia’s influences include Octavia Butler, LA Banks, Faith Hunter, Patricia Briggs and Laurell K Hamilton.

Alicia is an activist in the movement towards diversifying Science fiction and Fantasy (#diversityinSFF). She created the first “State of Black Science Fiction 2012″ blog tour, is an active member in the State of Black Science Fiction FaceBook group and has a ScoopIt page where she actively curates topics related to Afrofuturism, Black Science Fiction, Black Speculative fiction and Multicultural Science Fiction.

Alicia is a native Detroiter who currently resides in metro Atlanta.  She works as a media specialist or school librarian  in a local school district. Alicia enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

Her first book for new adults, Breaking Free, is available in print or for immediate download. Her adult series mixes African-American women’s fiction with dark urban fantasy. Check out the Soul Eater series.  Sign-up  on www.aliciamccalla.com for free downloads, e-updates, sneak peeks, and coupons.


Tour Giveaway: One winner can choose a Kindle Fire HD 6 Tablet or a $99  USD Amazon Gift Card.  Each entrant will be subscribed to Alicia McCalla’s email list (they can unsubscribe at any time) and receive an eCopy of the first three chapters of Rise of an African Elemental.

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