Hearts of Larceny: A Novella (Sin Book 1) – Stephann Ibrahim

Hearts of Larceny
Simple, yet appropriate cover design

Detective Angelo believes that there is only one person responsible for the gruesome murders of four men – Jordan Thatcher. Unfortunately for him, there isn’t enough evidence to convict her.  Jordan, a self-professed man-eater, knows this very well and uses it to her advantage when questioned by Detective Angelo. She claims her innocence and offers to tell him what he needs to know in exchange for her freedom.

Hearts of Larceny is a typical murder mystery with the usual twists and turns. It is written in first person and therefore is told from several points of view. What  initially begins as a confession/interrogation between Jordan and Detective Angelo (Chapters 1 and 2, respectively), becomes more expository of the crimes as the details are revealed by other characters. Detective Angelo’s boss, Jordan’s boss, former lovers, accomplices, victims all tell their story in the ensuing chapters.

Hearts of Larceny has an interesting premise that will easily hook readers. However, there are times when the story lacks cohesion and the pacing is slightly off.  This may be due to the constant changes in point of view, as well as typographical and grammatical errors that are throughout the book. With keener editing, this could be a much more enjoyable read. Hearts of Larceny is the first in a series of three so Jordan Thatcher’s story will continue.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


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