Black Speculative Fiction Month – Uncle Tommy’s Cabin Book 1 The Family Tree – TL Gardner

Black Speculative Fiction MonthSpeculative fiction is a rather broad genre where the literary works may contain futuristic, paranormal, supernatural, horror, dystopian/utopian, and/or fantasy elements. In 2013, October was claimed as the month to celebrate black authors in this genre. Therefore, throughout the month, I will post reviews of some of my favorite works in this particular genre.



Uncle Tommy’s Cabin Book 1 The Family Tree by TL Gardner 

Uncle Tommy’s Cabin begins with what many people fear – breaking down on a deserted road in inclement weather with no cell service or help in sight. When help does arrive, it’s not what you expect or want. From there, it goes from bad to worse for travelers on this road, particularly for one family. They are offered respite at an old, seemingly abandoned plantation that is full of “life” and plenty of “scores” to settle. Getting off the road was one feat, getting off the plantation is another.

Very creepy artwork
Very creepy cover art

Many plantations are grand, stately, and beautiful in their physical appearance, but have horrific histories that mar or even haunt that beauty. What happens at the Jessup Plantation in Uncle Tommy’s Cabin is one of those reasons why I would be loath to spend a significant amount of time (let’s say overnight) at one of these plantations. With that being said, this book is a good mixture of supernatural and horror with a dose of historical perspective. Not only will it make you think twice about being on the road, whether alone or with family, it will also make you think twice about accepting help while on that road. This is definitely a page-turner with a rather high creep factor. The story continues in Uncle Tommy’s Cabin Book 2 – Family Ties.




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