National Book Lovers Day

Today, August 9th, is National Book Lovers Day.  This Huffington Post article lists 10 ways in which we can celebrate. I, along with most of the book lovers I know, do these on a regular basis:

  • Visit your local library – I admit that I don’t visit the library often, but I’m in a bookstore at least once a week.
  • Reread an old favorite – I reread my favorite book of all time, Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” at least once a year.
  • Drop some literary references –  I’m notorious for dropping literary references in daily conversations, and sometimes writing. If I’m not saying it out loud, I’m definitely thinking it. I can’t begin to count how many times I saw someone and thought “by the twitching of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”
  • Visit a literary haunt – This one is almost too easy as I live in New Orleans, the city that has inspired many writers such as Walker Percy, Tennessee Williams, and Farrah Rochon.
  • Get a new bookshelf – If I had the space, I most certainly would. However, the stairs serve as good shelves.Book-Staircase
  • Give the gift of reading – I volunteered many hours with the Reach Out and Read program, which consisted of reading to young children in the waiting room at the local hospitals. When the session ended, each child was allowed to take home a book of their choice. Their joy and excitement could not be contained. One day, I hope to do the same with some type of adult literacy programs.
  • Host a book lovers party – I’ve never hosted one, but I’ve been to one; the Emma Awards banquet at the 2014 Romance Slam Jam comes to mind. Pure nirvana for book lovers!
  • Host your own book club – I belong to quite a few online book clubs, and I am always looking to join more.
  • Contact your favorite living author – Thanks to social media, I communicate with some of my favorite authors on a daily basis.
  • Donate – Parting with my books is hard, but I do support donation drives for causes such as Books for Soldiers and the Women’s Prison Book project.

If you love to read, then you know that every day is book lovers day. However, we can use this day, and others, to encourage those who don’t like to read so much to maybe turn off the TV and pick up a book. BookicideThey may learn to love it as much as you do. Happy National Book Lovers Day!


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